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Trees All Day Tree Service is proudly offering stump grinding services. We use a stump grinding machine to turn the entire tree stump into wood shavings. We can also grind the surface roots. After grinding the stump you will have a pile of wood shavings mixed with dirt. We can haul off the excess stump grindings or leave it for you to use for mulch. 

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Stump Grinding FAQs

How much does it cost to grind a tree stump?

The cost of tree stump grinding is affected by a few things. Access to the stump will make it more or less expensive, if it is more difficult to access the stump it will add to the cost, if it is easy to access it then it will be cheaper. The size of the tree stump will also affect the cost. The bigger the stump the more expensive it is. If we have to grind surface roots it will also add to the cost. 

Tree stumps typically cost 6-10 dollars an inch of diameter of the stump. If there are more than one stumps we will usually give a price break. If we remove the tree and grind the stump will will bundle those together and give you a price break. 

How do you remove a tree stump?

There are basically two ways to get rid of a stump. The first one is to dig the stump up and tear it out of the ground with an excavator. This works but it is very expensive and leaves a large hole or void on your property as well as destroying your yard. Then you have to take the stump somewhere to dispose of it which is not cheap. 

The second and probably the best option is to grind the stump with a stump grinding machine. This is preferred because the stumps are ground down 12 inches below the surface and turned into wood shavings. These wood shavings are very small and are mixed with dirt. Over time these shavings will decompose into quality mulch. This method does not destroy your grass as much as an excavator and you don’t have to haul off a large stump. 

There are a few other ways to get rid of stumps but they are more or less ineffective. Some people will try to burn them or decompose them with chemicals. These options do not work very well if at all and it is generally better to just grind the stump.

DIY stump grinding? Should you do the job yourself?

Can you grind a tree stump yourself to save money? There is no reason you cannot grind your own tree stumps. However, it is a big job and usually the hassle isn’t worth the savings. 

You can rent a stump grinder at local rental companies but we have found that the teeth are usually dull which makes the job take twice as long. To rent the larger stump grinder it costs around 250 for half a day and 400 for the whole day. There is also a learning curve for running the machine and it can be frustrating if you have never done it. 

The other thing to consider when DIY stump grinding is that you could possibly hit underground utility lines. The best thing to do is to call the 811 dig line and schedule a free utility line locate to make sure that you will not hit any underground utility lines. 

If you choose Trees All Day Tree Service for your stump grinding project will call and schedule the utility locate, grind your stump, and clean up the mess and sometimes its even cheaper than renting the machine especially if we removed your tree. 

What do you do with the pile of wood shavings from the stump grinding?

The best thing to do with the stump grinding debris is to use it as mulch. The wood shavings mixed with dirt are excellent mulch for your trees and other landscaping. We can also haul off the stump grinding debris if you do not want it. Hauling off the stump grinding debris will add additional cost for the project. 

If I use Trees All Day to remove a tree, is stump grinding included?

Stump grinding is not included unless you choose to have us grind the stump and pay the additional fee. Some people will leave the tree stumps to save money. 

How long does it take for a tree stump to naturally decompose?

Tree stumps can take 10 or more years to decompose enough to remove them without equipment. 

After grinding the stump is it possible for the tree to grow back?

Some tree species are capable of growing back from the roots and some are not. Coniferous trees will not grow back. Some Deciduous trees will grow sprouts from the roots. One example is poplar trees, poplar trees are very likely to grow shoots from the roots. This can be a problem down the road if they are left to grow. 

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