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Tree Services,Are you looking for tree services near you in Melba, Idaho? Trees All Day Tree Service is proud to offer Tree Services in Melba, Idaho. We are your local tree specialists available to help you with tree trimming, pruning, removals, and stump grinding. Call us to get a free estimate. 

Tree Removal Service in Melba

We specialize in tree removals. We can remove virtually any tree even if it is in a hard to access location or close to a home or fence. We have all of the equipment and knowledge to safely and efficiently remove your problem trees. We follow ANSI Z133 safety standards for tree work so that you know that we are doing the job right. 

We utilize tree rigging equipment to cut and control each piece of the tree to the ground so that it does not damage anything. Everything is in our control the whole time. 

We can haul the tree branches and wood away or leave them for firewood. We are happy to cut the wood into firewood lengths. 

Our legendary tree removal cleanup will leave your property immediately ready for whatever you want to do with it. 


Tree Pruning and Trimming in Melba, Idaho

Trees All Day Tree Service will help you get the most out of your trees with proper structural pruning. We prune trees according to ANSI A300 standards so that you know that your trees are getting the best possible care. 

The first step for us when doing tree pruning is to understand the goals of the customer. We listen to you and find out what you want from your trees. We will then create a custom tree care plan for your trees according to your goals. Then a qualified arborist will carry out the plan. We will prune your tree to get you the look, clearance, and health of the tree that you want while following proper pruning standards so that you know that your trees will be healthy for years to come. 


Why prune a tree?

All trees need to be pruned to maintain a healthy structure. Trees are living organisms and they are not perfect. Tree pruning if done properly will maintain clearance between the tree and other things around it, make the tree more resistant to pests, stimulate healthy/strong structure, and make the tree much less likely to fall or break in a storm. 

A skilled arborist will carefully inspect a tree and identify any imperfections or less than desirable areas of the tree’s structure. They will then make a plan for pruning the tree that will reduce the undesirable areas and strengthen the good structure of the tree. A tree that is regularly pruned this way will have a strong and naturally healthy structure that will be much more resistant to breakage in wind or snow. 

A tree that is pruned improperly by “lions-tailing” or “topping will have a weakened structure that is much more likely to fall or break in a storm. 

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