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In Idaho fourth graders are taught about the history of Idaho’s capitol city. They learn that in the 1800s French-Canadian fur trappers arrived in the valley and called it “les bois” which means the wooded. Eventually this caught on and it became the city of trees. 

Boise’s trees have been an icon for hundreds of years. Boise would not be what it is without them and therefore preservation is the top priority when it comes to trees in Boise. 

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Tree trimming and pruning near me in Boise

Pruning is necessary to maintain the health and safety of a tree. A branch falling down is very dangerous and harmful to a tree. A qualified arborist can perform end weight reduction, crown reduction, and structural pruning. If done properly these practices will allow the tree to have the best possible structure and reduce the likely hood of a branch breaking in a wind storm or with heavy snow.

Proper tree pruning will allow the tree to concentrate it’s energy where it will most benefit the tree. An arborist can also prune away branches to gain clearance around other things such as buildings, structures or other trees. 

It is important to follow the standards set by tree biologists to ensure the best outcome for the tree. These standards can be found in the ANSI A300 tree pruning standards. Trees All Day Tree Service always follows these standards so that you know that your trees are getting the best possible care. 

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Boise Tree Removal

Tree Trimming,We love trees and most of the time we work to preserve them but sometimes removal is necessary. Tree removal is a difficult process with many challenges and potential hazards. Wood is very heavy and at the height that it grows at it can develop a tremendous amount of force if it falls.

The name of the game is controlling these pieces. With many advances in modern arboriculture we have many proven techniques and equipment that we use to safely control the pieces to the ground. We spend an enormous amount of time perfecting these techniques so that we can safely and quickly remove a tree. We are very good at it. Call us today to schedule an estimate for Boise Tree Removal.

You can remove a tree yourself but it is highly recommended to hire a professional. We have the tools and knowledge to complete the job quickly and with the least amount of impact to your yard and other property.

We also take care of the clean up and disposal of debris. We offer stump grinding so that we can remove the entire stump and get your yard ready for a new tree or to plant grass. Hiring a licensed professional like Trees All Day Tree Service with liability insurance will protect you as the property owner and ensure the best possible experience. 

We always follow ANSI Z133 safety standards for tree work to ensure our safety as tree workers and protect you and your property. 

If you have a tree that you want removed or would like a consultation to discuss options don’t wait for the tree to get worse. Get on our schedule and let us give you a free estimate. 208 872 6614

Hazardous Trees Boise, Idaho

Do you have an unsafe tree on your property? Is there a broken branch stuck in your tree that could fall at any moment? There’s a reason those broken branches are called “widow makers”. If your tree has been in a wind storm or heavy snow and has a broken branch don’t wait! Have us come out and remove the hazards from your tree. 

The best way to prevent a dangerous tree is through prevention. By being pro-active with tree pruning an arborist can correct problems with tree structure, they can remove end weight from branches to reduce the mechanical forces on tree branches, and remove dead or dying branches. Doing this will greatly reduce the chance of branch failures. 

For trees with structural issues we also offer tree cabling and bracing. If we identify a tree that is at a high risk of failing we can install cabling and bracing. This will prevent the branches from breaking and keep them from falling to the ground even if they do fail. 

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Tree Cabling Services in Boise

One of the biggest advancements in modern arboriculture is a system called tree cabling. This is used to provide supplemental strength to a tree that is at risk of breaking. Certain species of trees in the Boise, Idaho area are susceptible to something called included bark.

Such as a silver maple trees. This is a condition where the tree will have multiple competing stems or leaders. When these stems grow too close to each other the bark gets stuck in-between the union and does not fuse. This causes a weak attachment point that can break in a wind storm or from heavy snow. 

The cabling system we use is called Notch Dryad. This an extremely strong hollow braid rope that we splice around two tree stems so that they will support each other during a wind event. The cabling will also prevent a branch from falling all the way to the ground in the event that it does break. 

Through proper tree pruning and cabling we can greatly reduce the risk of trees breaking. 


Trees All Day, your Boise, Idaho tree professionals

You can rely on your local tree service experts for tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, and cabling and bracing. We pride ourselves in being Boise’s best option for clear and consistent communication throughout the entire process, competitive/reasonable pricing, and the very best care that our iconic Boise trees deserve. 


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