Tree Cabling and Bracing Service

Tree Cabling,Trees are not perfect and some times they grow with imperfections where the branches attach the trunk. This area is called a union. When a branch union is too tight or when the branch grows parallel to the trunk of the tree instead of perpendicular or out from the trunk the union becomes tight and the bark from the branch and the trunk of the tree get stuck in the union.

This is a problem because the bark prevents the branch from fusing properly to the trunk. What you are left with is a branch that is held on with a weak connection. As the branch grows and becomes heavier it can stress the union to the point of failure and it falls off of the tree.

If this happens towards the base of the tree the entire tree can even fall down. No one wants a branch to unexpectedly fall on their property. At Trees All Day Tree Service we have the solution to protect your tree and property


What is Tree Cabling and Bracing?

Tree cabling and bracing is a system that is designed to add supplemental strength to a tree. There are a few different systems we can use depending on the severity of the issue. 

The first is called bracing and that is where we permanently install a large bolt into the branch union of the tree and mechanically fasten the branch to the trunk of the tree. We drill a hole through it and then install the bolt. This will prevent the branch from falling and eventually the tree will grow around the bolt. 

The next one is called static cabling. That is where we fasten two or more branches together using steel cables. We drill into the tree and attach anchor points that we then attach steel cables to. This distributes the weight of the branches to other portions of the tree taking the stress off of a weak branch union. 

The other system we use is called dynamic cabling. That is where we attach two or more branches together with specialized weather resistant ropes. The key here is that we splice the ropes around the branches and leave the rope slightly loose. By leaving the rope slightly loose it does not affect the tree at all unless there is extra stress on the branches from wind or snow.

During high wind the branches will sway but as soon as they stretch too far the ropes will tighten and they wont be able to move far enough to break. Dynamic cabling is a great way to prevent damage to your trees and protect your property. After installation it should be inspected and readjusted every 1 to 2 years. 


Structural Pruning Along With Bracing

Whenever cabling or bracing is installed in a tree it should be accompanied by structural pruning. Structural pruning is where we remove weight from the ends of branches to reduce the stress on branch unions. Structural pruning will also enhance the naturally strong structure of the tree and suppress the weak or bad structure of the tree. If you suspect your tree might need structural pruning or bracing we can inspect your tree for any problems and recommend a solution. Call today for a free estimate and consultation. 208 872 6614