Hazardous Trees

Hazardous and Dangerous Trees

Hazardous Trees,

Do you have a tree situation that is potentially hazardous or dangerous but is not necessarily an emergency? Call us today to get it taken care of. We have the skills and equipment to safely resolve a hazardous tree situation. 

Sometimes these issues are easy to spot and sometimes you never notice it until it is too late. If you are worried about your tree the best thing to do is give us a call and schedule an estimate and an inspection. Sometimes we can spot issues from the ground or another good option is to have us climb the tree and look for issues. The best option to maintain your trees safety and health is always preventive maintenance and not reactive maintenance. 

If we find any issues with your trees we will suggest the best plan of action to prevent the tree from falling or breaking. 

Generally if we find issues they are structural tree problems like tight unions, included bark, or branches that are too heavy on the ends. These issues can lead to branches falling or breaking in a storm

Typically we will do pruning to alleviate the weight from the weakened structure and use cabling or bracing to add supplemental strength to the tree. No matter what there is no way to eliminate the risk of a tree failure but through structural pruning and bracing the risks can be greatly reduced. 


Storm Damaged Hazardous Trees

Unfortunately sometimes trees are beyond help and must come down to prevent damage to property or people. We try to preserve trees when we can but it is just as important to remove hazardous trees. After a hazardous tree has been removed you can always plant a new one and set it up for success by choosing the right tree for the location.