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Do you have a big back yard willow tree that you need gone? Maybe an overgrown pine tree taking up too much space? Do the roots from your ugly tree make it so you cant mow your lawn? 

We love trees but sometimes they must go, whether they are dead, in the way, ugly, or diseased we make them go away. We even get rid of the stump and surface roots with stump grinding. Get that tree out of the way and get your space back today! Call us now to get a free estimate and we will personally come out to look at your tree removal job and explain the process. 208 872 6614

What is our favorite part of tree work you ask? The answer is all of the neighborhood kids yelling from across the street to “BE CAREFUL” when we are up in a tree. We are indeed careful, we are also licensed and insured. 

What is the process of removing a tree?

If you have an unwanted tree but have never used a tree service or cut down a tree this article is for you. Here is a comprehensive guide explaining the process of tree removal. We will make this process as painless and convenient for you our customer as possible. If you are not sure whether or not you should remove a tree we can help you make the decision by offering guidance as well as other options like tree pruning, cabling, bracing, and root collar excavation. 

We highly recommend hiring a professional like Trees All Day Tree Service. The first step is to contact us and schedule an estimate where we will look at the job you want done and give you a detailed quote for completing the job. We can also answer any question at that time. 

Trees can get very tall and heavy. They look ominous especially when they are next to your house. Falling trees can cause an enormous amount of damage. How in the world do you get that huge tree down without damaging anything around it? 

Thankfully Trees All Day Tree Service has the answer to that question and we are very good at it. Depending on the tree and the situation we have many options for getting the tree on the ground and hauled off. If the tree is in a big open space with nothing around it we can just simply cut the tree down and direct which direction it will fall with ropes or wedges. This is by far the cheapest and easiest way to cut a tree down.

However, this is seldomly the case in an urban environment. There is almost always something within reach of the tree. 

When there are things around the tree we break out our climbing and rigging equipment to get into the tree and make cuts while being able to carefully lower each piece of the tree to the ground. We are very good at climbing trees, we study and practice a lot! We only use the best equipment regardless of cost.

Every single piece of equipment that is used to hold us in the tree is rated for a minimum of 5000 lbs and we use a redundant system so we are always tied in with at least two separate ropes in case one is cut. So don’t worry, we are not going to fall. 

Once we are in the tree we set up our rigging equipment. We use our rigging equipment to lower and direct the pieces of the tree to the ground. We will tie ropes to the branches, cut them, and then a person on the ground will lower the piece using the rope.

We can safely control pieces up to 2000 lbs. So whether the branch is directly over your house or fence we can easily lower it away safely to the ground without damaging anything. This is potentially very dangerous so we highly recommend hiring a professional for this process.

Ladders are extremely dangerous for tree removal because the can be easily kicked out from under you if a branch lands on it. 

Ok so what about when the tree is safely on the ground? Now there is a giant pile of branches. What do you do with the branches and wood?

Brush Removal and Clean Up Service Nampa, Idaho

Now that the tree is safely on the ground we have a big mess to clean up. Sometimes we are hired to just get the tree on the ground safely and then the customer will clean up the mess to save money on their tree removal project. That is an option but most people don’t do that because the mess from a large tree is quite frankly a disaster. 

We have all of the equipment and manpower to clean up the brush and debris from a tree. The cost of this will depend on the location and access to the brush. A front yard tree removal project will be cheaper because it takes less time to move the branches to the truck. A backyard project can be more expensive especially if there is a tight gate or limited access. 

We move all of the branches to our dump truck or trailer and we either load them into the truck or use a wood chipper to chip the branches up and shoot them into the truck. We haul the branches and debris to a specialized recycling facility where they grind the debris up and make it into mulch for landscaping. 

Some of our customers want the larger wood for firewood or other projects. We can cut it up and leave it for your to burn or do whatever you want with it. We can also haul it away. We typically donate the wood to families in need that use fire wood to heat their homes. 

We pride ourselves in the clean up. We strive to make it as if there was never a tree. Our goal is for you to be able to immediately use the space as soon as we are done. 


Tree Stump Removal Service Nampa, Idaho

Now the tree is cut down and all of the brush is hauled away but now there is a big ugly stump in my yard. What do you do now? 

No one wants a big ugly stump in the middle of their property, maybe you want to park something there or grow grass. 

There are basically two options for removing a stump. The first option is that you can use an excavator and dig the stump out which would destroy everything around it and leave you with a giant whole on your property. The second option is to grind the stump into small wood shavings. Grinding the stump only affects the area of the stump and nothing else so this option is usually preferred. 

To grind a stump we use a specialized machine with a spinning wheel that has carbide teeth on it. The carbide teeth cut the stump into small pieces. We can grind down to about 14 inches below the surface. We can also grind away the surface roots to get them out of your lawn. 

Now you are left with a big pile of wood shavings and dirt. We can haul this away or leave it for you to use as mulch. 

Now your problem tree and stump are completely gone and you can use your space for whatever you want. 

Check out our page for stump grinding here!


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Trees All Day Trees Service did a great job cutting down pine trees at my grandparents place. They are fair, polite, and fast. My grandpa was so happy with the whole process- start to finish. Thank you again! Will recommend to everyone.

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ariel Y
January 2023