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Tree Pruning,

There are many things to consider when pruning trees in Nampa Idaho. No two trees are the same and neither are the circumstances of each tree. Tree pruning should be a customized service for each situation while still following the guidelines of ANSI A300 tree pruning standards. 

Below you will find some information regarding tree trimming and pruning. When to do it, how often, what time of the year, and how much should be done. If you have any questions or would like us to give you a free estimate feel free to call us at 208 872 6614 to schedule an estimate.


Tree Pruning and Trimming FAQs

Do my trees need pruning?  The answer is yes. Urban trees should be pruned every 1-6 years to maintain a healthy structure and ensure they fit in the space they are in. 

When should I get my trees pruned? No one wants tree branches hitting their house in the wind and making noise. You should get your trees pruned if they are interfering with your house or other structures.

It is common to see tree branches that rub holes in shingles from moving around in the wind. We can prune back those branches in a way that is the easiest for the tree to recover from the cuts. You should also get your trees pruned regularly to maintain a healthy structure. 

Should I prune my own trees or pay a professional to do the work? 

We recommend hiring a professional for a few reasons. It takes years of research and practice to know what cuts to make on a tree. Then there is the simple fact of getting to where the cuts need to be made.

A professional arborist is skilled in tree climbing and can easily access all parts of the tree safely to make the proper cuts. The safety risk and potential damage to the tree are typically not worth any money you might save by doing it yourself. 


What if my trees have been damaged from improper pruning or from limbs falling off? If your tree has been damaged from improper pruning practices like lions-tailing or topping we can sometimes correct the issue but it takes years to cultivate a new healthy structure.

We can help you determine the best option for your situation. If a tree branch has fallen off of your tree it will open up a large wound on the tree and leave it susceptible to rot and disease.

Depending on the size and location of the damage the tree can compartmentalize the damaged area. If the damage is too large it is sometimes best to remove the tree to prevent a dangerous situation. 


How Often Should My Trees Be Pruned?

Deciduous or Hardwood Trees

Deciduous trees, or trees that lose their leaves every year should typically be pruned every 2-5 years. Deciduous trees in the Nampa area should be pruned frequently enough to keep their structure in a healthy balance but not too often that the tree does not have time to recover from the cuts made. 

No more than thirty percent of the foliage should be removed at any one time. Removing more than that from a tree in an attempt to prune less frequently will cause the tree to produce an enormous amount of water sprout growth.

Water sprout growth is a trees defense mechanism for responding to a major loss in foliage. Water sprouts grow on the surface of a tree and are not attached securely like a normal branch would be.

As these water sprouts grow and become heavier they can break off of the tree causing a potentially dangerous situation. 

A skilled arborist knows the correct dosage or amount of foliage that can be removed at any one time that will allow the tree to recover without the growth of water sprouts. 

Coniferous trees

Conifers or evergreen trees should be pruned every 3-6 years depending on the situation. It is best to stay on top of it to avoid a tree that is overgrown in its space. Arborvitae, spruce, pine, cedar, juniper, and other conifers are an amazing addition to any property as long as they are maintained. 


What time of the year should trees be pruned?

Untitled 6Certain trees are more susceptible to disease and infection than others. For example oak and elm trees are susceptible to disease that is active in the growing season and therefore it is typically best to prune those trees in the winter when they are dormant.

But most trees can be pruned at any time of the year. If a tree has not been regularly pruned the best time of the year to do it is now! Trees that are regularly maintained are more attractive, healthier, and safer. Fruit trees are usually pruned in the winter so that they will produce more fruit in the growing season. 

How do we at Trees All Day Tree Service prune trees?

Structural Pruning

Untitled 7At Trees All Day Tree Service our specialty is structural pruning. This type of pruning is based on the recommendations of tree biologists in accordance with ANSI A300 standards. Basically what we do is look at the current structure of the tree and pick out any deficiencies.

Once we have determined the deficiencies and the condition of the tree we will make a plan for what cuts need to be made. At that point, we will go up into the canopy of the tree and we will make specific heading cuts to direct the growth of the tree.

The point of this is to enhance the most ideal structure of the tree and suppress the areas of the tree that could become problems in the future. By doing this we are able to greatly reduce the chance of breakage from snow or wind. The trees will also look much better as they grow with a strong central leader. 


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The Best Case Tree Trimming Scenario

Neglected Trees

It seems like most of the time we are trying to save a neglected or damaged tree instead of maintaining a healthy tree. The best case scenario for any urban tree is a consistent tree pruning schedule to maintain a healthy and balanced structure. Every 2-5 years is a good range for most trees. The rule of thumb for tree pruning is to not remove more than thirty percent of the foliage and to not remove any branches larger than two inches.

If a tree has been neglected for many years it is almost impossible to follow these rules and the result is a tree that is left vulnerable to disease and rot that can eventually lead to it’s decline. If a tree is properly pruned by a professional arborist it can thrive for a very long time.

The best time to plant a tree is today and the best time to take care of a tree is also today. Call us to get an free estimate so that your trees can thrive. 208 872 6614

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