Tree Services in Caldwell, Idaho

Tree Care Service,It is impossible to miss Caldwell’s historic trees while driving down Cleveland Boulevard. Caldwell has changed a lot over the years but the trees have always been a defining element of the town. Imagine Caldwell without trees, it wouldn’t be the same.

We have a strong desire to be stewards of this incredible urban forest. We understand the importance of maintaining healthy and attractive trees on your property, and we’re committed to providing the best tree care services for the people of Caldwell.

Our experienced arborists utilize the up to date equipment and techniques to provide a range of services, including tree trimming, pruning, removal, and stump grinding. Our crews follow ANSI standards for safety and proper tree care.

As your go-to tree service provider in Caldwell, we’re dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and satisfaction. We maintain communication to keep you in the loop and make sure that our services work with your schedule and circumstances.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your tree care needs in Caldwell, Idaho. Contact us today to set up a free estimate. 208 872 6614


Caldwell, Idaho Tree Removal Service

received 3439704486272716As much as we love trees sometimes they need to go. We try to preserve trees but often their removal is inevitable due to construction, space, or safety concerns. Trees are growing living organisms. Over time a tree can become rotten, diseased, weakened, dead, or just simply in the way.

Tree removal is a difficult job. It can be very dangerous and risky. This a job that should be left to professionals. Trees all Day Tree Service has the training, equipment and knowledge to safely remove trees. We use advanced rigging techniques and equipment to safely lower pieces of the tree to the ground so that they do not damage property or injure people. We can haul away all of the tree debris and perform a complete clean up leaving the property as if there was never a tree. To finish it all off we can even remove the stump with a stump grinding machine.


Caldwell, Idaho Tree Pruning Service

Tree pruning is our specialty at Trees All Day Tree Service. We follow ANSI A300 standards for tree care which includes proper pruning practices. 

There are many improper pruning practices that are commonly used. Some of these include “lions tailing”, “tree topping”, or flush cuts. These practices are very detrimental to the health and safety of the tree. They can lead to structural problems with the tree which can lead to failure i.e. branches/trees falling down. It is very easy to damage a tree when attempting to prune or trim a tree. 

By hiring a tree professional like Trees All Day Tree Service you will know that the person pruning your tree is following industry standards set by tree biologists. Your trees will get the best and most up to date care possible ensuring that will be as healthy and safe as possible. 

Combine all of this with our excellent customer service and impeccable cleanup we are the go to choice for Caldwell. 

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Pro Tree Care Services in Idaho

Trees All Day Tree Service is licensed and insured. Our passion for the tree industry drives us to be ambassadors for the tree care community. We strive to be professional in every aspect of tree care. Safety is our biggest priority. We follow a strict safety program and always use the best equipment available. 

We are constantly improving our process to better serve our customers. 

Call us to set up a free estimate or consultation for your trees. 208 872 6614

Check out what our customer Alex had to say about Trees All Day Tree Service.

Removed a tree for me in Nampa. Hauled away everything I didn’t want to keep. Big branches hung over a fence and he got them all down with no issue. Ground the stump afterward too. Perfect job.

Alex T.

Five Stars Google

March 2023