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Star, Idaho might just be the best place to live in the Treasure Valley. Or at least that’s what the people that live there say. Either way, Star would not be what it is without the amazing trees that live there. We get excited seeing all of the historic trees when we drive through star. Trees are an amazing thing that we must take care of. 

That’s why it it is best to hire a tree professional to make sure your trees get the best care possible. We have the knowledge and equipment to properly maintain your trees. We can do anything from pruning and trimming to complete tree removal including the stump. 

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Star, Idaho Tree Removal Service

Trees are a living and growing organism and as such they are not perfect. Trees have problems, diseases, defects, and will eventually die. If a tree falls down it can cause significant damage to people or property. It is best to remove a tree that poses substantial risk of falling. The process of removing a tree safely requires a great deal of equipment and knowledge let alone the cleanup. 

Trees All Day Tree Service is set up to safely remove virtually any tree. We will haul away all of the debris from the tree and leave your property ready for whatever you want to do with it. 

Star, Idaho Tree Pruning Near Me

Tree pruning is an important aspect of tree health. Not only does it help keep the tree an appropriate size for its space but it also enhances the trees structure keeping it healthy and strong. That is if it is done correctly. It is very easy to damage a tree by pruning it incorrectly. Improper pruning cuts can strip the tree of it’s natural defenses against infection and decay. It is for this reason that we follow ANSI A300 standards for tree pruning. ANSI A300 standards were developed by tree biologists to set a professional standard to ensure that trees received the best care possible. 

When you hire Trees All Day Tree Service you know that the arborists pruning your trees are following standards based on science for the healthiest tree possible. By doing this your tree will live longer, be stronger, and look better. 

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Don’t hesitate to schedule an estimate for tree pruning or removal. The longer you wait to get a tree removed the more expensive it becomes. Don’t wait until part of your tree falls off to get it pruned. Trees are an amazing asset to any property as long as they are properly maintained. We are fully licensed and insured. Call us today at 208 872 6614.  

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Removed a tree for me in Nampa. Hauled away everything I didn’t want to keep. Big branches hung over a fence and he got them all down with no issue. Ground the stump afterward too. Perfect job.

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Alex T
March 2023