Meridian Idaho Tree Services

Meridian Idaho is the center of the Treasure Valley. It has small town feel with a tight knit community. Meridian Idaho is a beautiful town full of trees. The city of Meridian takes great pride in it’s trees. Just read the Meridian city code about trees and landscaping.

There are many guidelines and rules regarding public trees. These guidelines dictate the species, planting, size, location, and pruning of trees. While these city codes do not put much restriction on trees on private property we still strive to follow the theme and keep Meridian’s beautiful historic urban forest as healthy as ever.

We love the trees and people of Meridian. We are honored whenever we get to provide our services in Meridian. 

Tree Services & Removal Near Me In Meridian Idaho

Tree Services,There are many reasons that you might need tree removal services in Meridian. Trees become too large for the area they are in, sometimes the wrong tree was planted in the wrong place and it simply needs to be removed. Trees can also become diseased or die for a multitude of reasons. No matter the size and location of the tree you can trust Trees All Day Tree Service to show up and handle your project safely and efficiently.

We maintain safety and communication on all of our jobs so that you are always in the loop. 

We follow ANSI Z133 safety standards for tree work on all of our jobs. These professional standards cover all aspects of a tree jobsite. By following these standards you know that our crews are taking all precautions necessary to maintain a safe work environment. 

Trees All Day Tree Service is fully licensed and insured. For more information check out our page for tree removal page here!


Meridian Idaho Tree Pruning.

Tree pruning is done for many reasons. Correct tree pruning will improve or maintain the health of a tree, it will add clearance between the tree and other things such as houses, and it can certainly improve the safety of a tree. This is the bread and butter of a qualified arborist. Tree pruning is science and art. When done incorrectly it can be very detrimental to the health, safety, and looks of the tree. 

Before any cuts are made an arborist will look at the big picture of the tree and consider the goals and needs of the client.

They will analyze the tree’s current condition and develop a plan that will meet the goals of the client while maintaining the health of the tree.

No more than one third of a trees canopy can be removed in a year. Because of that a tree might require a few years of pruning cycles to meet the clients goals. 

We will look at the structure of the tree and identify any potential areas of failure like breaks, included bark, and tight unions. We will consider the trees age and shape and look at where the tree will be in the future. With all of these things considered will will advise you, our client, on the most optimized plan for pruning your trees. 

Then a qualified arborist will carry out the plan following ISA and ANSI A300 standards for tree pruning. Call us to get started on your tree pruning project in Meridian Idaho 208 872 6614. For more information about tree pruning check out our tree pruning page here!


Trees All Day Tree Service is your local tree pro in Meridian

Tree Services,

We understand that trees are a significant part of your property. We are dedicated to providing top quality tree services to ensure the health and safety of your trees. Trees in Meridian deserve quality professional care. We strive to be competitive and affordable for our customers. 

Not only do we offer competitive pricing, but we also provide free estimates so that you can make the best decision for your tree care needs. We always maintain communication and an organized job site with a priority on safety.

This is what one of our Meridian customers had to say!

Can’t say enough positive things about the experience! Showed up on time to remove my 25 year old overgrown spruce. Got it cut down and removed all in one afternoon without damaging my neighbor’s property or mine.

Cleaned up so well that you can’t even tell there was ever a tree there. Got some quotes from other businesses and Trees All Day was the most affordable. Definitely would have them come back and would recommend them to friends!

Jeff W

Five Stars Google 

December 2022