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Middleton is growing like crazy and so are the trees there. We are pretty sure that Middleton has the best soil in the valley.
Are you looking for professional and reliable tree services in Middleton, Idaho? Look no further than our team of expert arborists!
At Trees All Day Tree Service, we understand that trees are an important and valuable asset to your property. We specialize in preserving trees so that they can stay on your property for generations. We also have all of the equipment and expertise to remove any of your problem trees. Our cleanup is unmatched.

Middleton, Idaho Tree Removal Near You

Removing trees is often necessary for many reasons. We strive to preserve trees but sometimes they must go. 

Is your tree dead or dying, an invasive species, too big for it’s space, or does it pose a threat to buildings or people? 

If it is questionable whether a tree should be removed we can consult with you to determine the best possible solution. We can often save trees and reduce the risk they pose to people or property. But, sometimes they must go. It is highly recommended to use a qualified tree service to remove your tree.

Removing trees is a complex task that requires specialized equipment and knowledge. At Trees All Day Tree Service we have all of the right stuff to make your tree removal project go smoothly.

We pride ourselves in the cleanup and excellent communication with our customers to make it easy as possible for you. 


Tree Services & Pruning in Middleton, Idaho

Tree Services,

Pruning is a critical part of taking care of a tree in an urban environment. Trees in Middleton grow like crazy. If left unchecked they will quickly become unattractive and potentially dangerous. 

While the process of tree pruning can dramatically enhance the appearance of your trees, it is not just an aesthetic service. A qualified arborist will not only shape your tree for a good look they will also analyze the tree’s structure. As the arborist identifies problems with the structure of the tree they can make heading cuts to control where the tree will focus its energy and growth. The arborist will reduce the bad structure of the tree so that the tree will dedicate it’s energy and growth to the good part of the tree. As an arborist corrects the tree structure it will cause the tree to become stronger, healthier, safer, and more resistant to disease. 

Tree pruning is an art and science. Hiring a professional arborist will get you the best possible results. Trees All Day Tree Service follows ANSI A300 standards so that you know your tree is getting the best possible care.


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Our team of dedicated and professional arborists love doing tree work. We are passionate about what we do and we are constantly improving. You can depend on our team to provide you with extremely high quality work. Call us for any of your tree projects and we will be the best possible option for tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, and stump grinding. 

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Trees All Day Trees Service did a great job cutting down pine trees at my grandparents place. They are fair, polite, and fast. My grandpa was so happy with the whole process- start to finish. Thank you again! Will recommend to everyone.

Ariel Y. 

Nampa, Idaho.

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